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This is a very big advantage. Above all, employers want you to understand basic instructions and report any problems.

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Many people wonder if character and personality traits or skills should be included in the CV at all. 

The answer is simple: YES!

Top 10 Qualities and Skills Employers are Looking For

In the country of tulips, "meeting deadlines and words” is very important.

In addition to the requirements for a given position, we also take into account the mentality and personality of the candidate, which is why we successfully place individual employees with the right employers.
We choose candidates who want to develop and invest in a lasting relationship with the employer.
Your commitment, energy and willingness to act are also very important aspects and always increase the chances of a great job.

Of course, what counts above all for your employer is your qualifications: experience, specialized skills, knowledge of a foreign language, or courses and certifications, however, the rapidly changing labour market shows that the most valuable employees are people who do their work with passion. 

Positive attitude
Work is not only an unpleasant duty, but first of all there is an opportunity to develop and fulfil your ambitions. 
This is a very important personality trait that is just entering the labour market, who have not yet gained much experience and practical skills that they can enter in their CV. 


Honest communication is much appreciated. Communication also includes listening skills and the ability to follow directions and provide feedback.


This feature always increases the chances of long-term cooperation. Such persons carrying out their tasks on time and taking full responsibility for the work. This is a guarantee for the company that it can rely on you.

Empathy and respect

Everyone wants to be around friendly people, with whom you not only work well, but also talk. Employers like to have people working with them and for them who can get along with their colleagues and who can work with others effectively in different circumstances.

Openness to changes

Openness to changes in new solutions is extremely important. If you want to be a wanted employee, you must quickly adapt to new conditions.

Teamwork skills

In many companies, projects are usually carried out by a few people. Your well-done tasks are a brick in achieving the company's success

Good work organization 

A good employee can plan his own work and do it on time. Employers do not want to hire people who require close scrutiny or who cannot be trusted.


Employers are looking for people who carry out their tasks in a timely manner and take full responsibility for their work. Be at work on time, do what you were hired to do, meet targets and deadlines and work to the best of your ability.


Supervisors value people who believe in the company's mission, recognize its values and are just glad that they can work for it. Employers want and need to be able to trust their employees to work professionally to meet the employer's best interests.





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