Create a professional CV using the guidelines below!

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 The CV is our professional showcase, which is why the big advantage is placing a professional photo on the right side of the CV. A holiday or family photo is not the best idea

  Remember to provide current data in your CV, first of all, correct your contact number and email address as well as your current location. Use a professional email address

  List the schools you have attended, starting from the one you have recently graduated from. Do not include primary or high school in your CV, unless it was your last place of education or. you would like to highlight the convergent school profile for the position you are applying for

  Describe your professional experience, including practises, trainings, volunteering. This is very important for personality with little or no work experience. This type of activity is very well perceived in the eyes of employers and allows to attribute many positive features to candidates, such as initiative, entrepreneurship. Remember about the exact name of the employer / organization and the dates of starting / leaving work / training

  Put on the CV courses and training, especially those that are relevant to the position you are applying for

  Use the generally accepted classification. Level A1 / A2 to beginner/elementary level, B1 / B2 to intermediate/upper intermediate level, and C1 / C2 advanced/ nearly native speaker level. If you have language certificates - mention them. The level of foreign languages ​​is thoroughly verified by employers


  List all programs you can use. Pay attention to Excel, which is often marked in the CV as advanced, and practice does not confirm this declaration. This is the point where we can focus on our soft competences. Check the advertisement and verify your skills with those the employer is looking for 

  Interests is the point, which can be distinguished us in the eyes of the employer

  Remember to use personal data processing

  Write in a modern, but simple font, in sizes 1-12 points, without graphic or unnecessary punctuation marks

  When sending an application electronically, enter the position you are applying for in the title/subject of the email

     In the Netherlands The usual way to apply for a job is to apply directly to an employer, even if his company currently has no vacancies. If this employer looks for employees in the future, you will have an advantage over other candidates. 

  why do you want to work in this company; 

  what are your skills, advantages and professional experience;

  how you can use your skills, advantages and experience working for the employer;

  why you are the most suitable candidate for the position;

  why you have more to offer than other candidates.



For your benefit is also to include knowledge of foreign languages ​​or experience gained while working in another EU country.







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