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     Our idea is to become the most frequently chosen partner for cooperation in the field of our services. We strive for business excellence by constantly improving the quality and expanding the range of our services as well as unconventional approach to partner relations with candidates. We strive for the highest quality in everything we do. 


     We work with the highest standards in all areas of activity. For us, quality is a passion in striving to be the best in all areas of our business
in all contacts with our employees and the community in which we operate. We support the development of our employees by constantly providing modern and comprehensive solutions. We aim to meet the expectations of our candidates. We implement the potential of human resources and develop strategies for effective teamwork based on good employee-customer relations. We realize that our success completely depends on the continuous support and trust of our candidates and companies.


     We believe that by achieving these goals we will increase the company's success for the benefit of our employees.


The goals show us the path we would like to follow in our daily work, the ideas that we want to guided by:

  ensuring an exemplary level of service, stability and a sense of security, 

  developing effective teamwork based on good employee relations,

  taking care of transparent rules of cooperation through professionalism, reliability and honesty,

  inspiring people to develop and use their potential

  putting our heart in everything we do,

  building long-lasting relationships


 Mutual respect 

We believe in people and mutual respect regardless of their positions, back or descent. Each of us is important, everyone is heard and everyone's participation counts. We get involved, take care of ourselves and show ourselves trust in an atmosphere of honesty and mutual respect.


Selenay Uitzendbureau BV takes responsibility for its actions and supports the responsibility of others. Taking responsibility is a privilege. We intentionally give employees a lot of responsibility from the very beginning of the road in Selenay, because it is the challenges that give development and a sense of community.


Operational results are a prerequisite for us to succeed. 

We want to create an environment that forces us to strive for perfection and use all our human potential.


Seeking inspiration in one's own values is one of the main driving forces of our success. The reality that surrounds us and the various aspects of our activity are a source of inspiration for us and remain in the heart of Selenay Uitzendbureau BV.


The exchange of information and the spirit of teamwork help in success and strengthen our sense of belonging to Selenay.

Solidarity is the basis for effective employee relations.

We know that teamwork is crucial to our success. 


Passion is an inspirational strength. Which motivates us to continuous actions and discover new possibilities.


Introducing innovation is the key to our success. We are constantly improving our way of operating in order to gain a high position on the market.

We create a climate conducive to innovation that motivates employees and gives them joy of work.


Enthusiasm in our business allows us to achieve high standards of work, which we set ourselves the goal.


Everyone is aware that the quality of his work directly affects the company's mission, joint achievement of the set goals, results of the company and its perception by all interested parties, that's why we involve in the work above average and put all our knowledge and skills in it.


We strive for the highest quality in everything we do. We work with the highest standards in all areas of activity.
For us, quality is a passion in striving to be the best in all areas of our business. In dealing with our clients, employees and the community in which we operate





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