The Netherlands labour market is open to qualified professionals and offers a wide range opportunities and prospective salary adequate to the qualifications held.


Job offers in the technical services sector are always based on experienced candidates.
 If you are familiar with the technique, installations, work as a fitter/installer, then we will gladly offer you a job adapted to your experience, where you will be able to further develop your talent
   At work, where you can use your potential, you are still learning and improving your qualifications. The most important thing in this industry is experience, which increases with age, but work also awaits for a technical college graduates, because it is worth giving job opportunities also to young talents.

In addition to experience and technical knowledge, language skills are also important. 
Good knowledge of Dutch opens the door to reputable companies, but knowledge of English, which is often the official language in large corporations, also offers many opportunities and prospects for a decent salary.

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With Selenay Uitzendbureau B.V you can work in many different industries.


It depends, of course, on what interests you.


Examples of employment sectors using Selenay:



Logistics are dynamic, logistics is a challenge. Distribution is an important part of many branches, the possibilities of available jobs in logistics are endless. Job offers in the logistics industry are very different, one job offer for logistics employees may relate to loading and unloading trucks for large supermarket chains or a well-known online store. Other companies you can work with include shipping companies, stores and wholesalers. 


A logistics employee is responsible for the logistic handling of company orders. The work consists of many different elements. Prepare documents, transport planning, keeping in touch with customers/ suppliers, ongoing control of delivery and collection deadlines, receipt of orders, packaging of orders, and inventory.
The tasks are partly administrative, but contact with other people and departments covers a large part of your daily work.


Depending on the size of the company you work for, you are implemented in all work areas. You are an important element of the logistics process.
Organization skills, cooperation, planning and anticipation skills are key in work logistics. In addition, independence in action, ability to solve problems is also an important aspect. 
Whether you have a forklift certificate in pocket or no experience at all, we are always looking for enthusiastic logistics employees.



The metallurgical industry is a specific sector in which accurate and independent work is very important. 
Contrary to appearances, work in metallurgical plants is not particularly physically demanding, because huge part of work  are performed by machines. However, the consequence of this is supervision over them, specialist knowledge and practical skills are required. 


Job offers in the metallurgical industry include machining tasks such as milling, threading, drilling and grinding, as well as welding, laser processing, soldering, forging and casting. Many companies in the metallurgical industry focus on qualified technical staff, or people with experience in this sector. There is a great demand on the labor market in Nederland for metalworking workers, CNC operators, welders, locksmiths and powder varnishers. 


We can offer employment in large metal industry employing hundreds of people, as well as in small companies with several employees. Our clients value employees who carry out their duties carefully.



Production experiencing recent rapid development, is one of the main sectors of employment, thereby increasing the demand for both highly skilled professionals and workers with rich experience. 


Among the production plants we will find all factories in which food, clothing, materials and structural elements are produced. The employee is to work efficiently in this sector. This work is extremely precise and requires great manual skills. Most often, however, it is very simple and we will gain experience in it with seniority.
The advantage of working in the production sector is that many jobs do not need special qualifications, but flexibility, team work skills and quick acclimatization in new conditions are essential. Let us also be aware of the fact that a potential employer is more likely to employ an intelligent and showing interest employee.


If you like dynamic work and are motivated then working in the manufacturing industry is for you. You will also receive a chance for further development.



The country of tulips is a world leader in the agricultural industry. Work in agriculture is characterized by periodicity and seasonality. Depending on the season, weather conditions and the quality of the harvest, growers are looking for a set of "hands to work". 

  Certainly, agriculture can be considered as a leading industry, specializing in the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, flowers or mushrooms. A characteristic feature of work in The Nederland agricultural management is the fact, due to the large possibilities of using on closed areas, in order to use the acquisition of high-quality harvests. 
Fruit, vegetable, tree growers and external farmers have a constant flow of products for export. The Netherlands offers a fresh assortment to its customers around the world. There is a great demand for employees for care, undercutting, planting and consumption of their crops.

People are the most important success factor in any industry and are most successful when employed in an environment that allows them to use their specific skills. 
Many growers care especially for their seasonal workers, thanks to which many people have a chance to return in many years. A lot of people personally use such forms of travel, because in addition to short work there is always a chance for unforgettable memories among beautiful orchards or flower fields.


The basis for success in the cleaning industry are properly qualified and open employees. Cleaning staff is no exception, as the sector has become more and more professional over the years. 

Cleaning is an art, that's why professionals need cleaning services for cleanliness, because work requires attention to detail and showing initiatives. . 

In addition, work organization - this skill is highly rated in this industry and is important, often you need to clean up quickly and thoroughly. The perfect candidate must also inspire confidence and be professional in what does. Each candidate is unique and the right person in the place really makes the difference to employers. 
People working in this sector are undoubtedly the showcase of the company. The advantage of working in a hotel is that you work in fantastic conditions. Top-class restaurants and hotels are a work environment in an exclusive setting. Employment in this industry can also be obtained in offices, public spaces, applications or care facilities.


Hospitality and gastronomy are two of the three most important pillars for the development of the tourism industry. Work in this industry can bring a lot of satisfaction, but also requires employees predisposition, knowledge and personal culture.

You can work in a large restaurant, an exclusive coffee bar, a five-star hotel, or a magical SPA salon. The Horeca sector, like a traditional one, is characterized by multi-nationality and multiculturalism, which attracts employees belonging to the nation. 
Many reputable hotels can be proud of the original cuisines of the world, a qualified chefs can prepare regional dishes according to native cuisine and traditional recipes.
Everyone working in a hotel or catering / catering should be honest and responsible. The industry offers a wide range of jobs.

The attraction in this industry is often the prestige of the hotel or restaurant, which makes people feel a warm atmosphere at work. Employees of the catering and hotel sector in many places can also benefit in a form of various passes to fitness clubs, saunas and swimming pools. 



Qualified drivers are needed to work in transport services. People who want to be employed in this industry must be distinguished by their appropriate abilities and predispositions. While driving, may encounter very different situations that require calmness, prudence and concentration.

   Employees of a transport company must/should be friendliness and open-mindedness. Every day they speak face to face or over the phone with new clients. Work in the transport industry is only indicated for responsible people.
The entire service must be performed very meticulously - with attention to every detail.
The advantage in this industry are also various types of certificates and courses that you can have it.
Drivers bear a lot of responsibility, but as a compensation they can count on an attractive income, because one of the biggest advantages of working as a driver is salary.
This work is not monotonous and every day does not look the same, e.g. because each transport is an opportunity to make new friends. Working "behind the wheel", you can also visit interesting places.


The most frequently chosen form of work in transport are domestic/national transport. This is especially appreciated by people who do not like routines and travel every day to different places while maintaining harmony, because after finishing work they return to their home





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