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   There is nothing better than a job where you can fulfil yourself and use your possibilities! 

We have a lot of interesting job offers for you, both part-time and full-time! 

If responsibility is your second nature, you like meeting new people and handle a bit of challenge, then you are probably the perfect candidate for our agency.

Reliability and good service are our highest priority. Our goal is to accept you as a temporary employee as close as possible to your place of residence. We believe that this gives you the opportunity to get used to a specific environment and region. 


Online registration at the Selenay job agency is very easy.

You can apply via the online form and we will match your profile to the appropriate company. 


If you match the company's image in terms of experience, skills, we invite you to an introductory meeting. During this interview, we'd like to get to know you better and provide more information about the vacancy you're applying for. After a positive conversation, we will present your profile to the right company and, of course, explain why you are the most suitable candidate for this position.

 Would you like to work at a level adopted to your experience on fair and very favorable conditions?





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